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January 9, 2018 – SHINGRIX

There is a new shingles vaccine for patients aged 50 and older, Shingrix.  It will be available at our clinic.  You will need to see me for this vaccine during an appointment for this vaccine.  The cost will be $140/dose.  You will need 2 doses and the doses are given 2-6 months apart.

If you call in to receive a prescription for the vaccine without a visit so you may receive the vaccine at the pharmacy, there will be a $20 fee for a prescription without an office visit.


If you are seeing me for a travel consultation, please review Travel Medicine Fees, fill out an Intake Form and bring it to your appointment.  Please note that there is a $50 fee for missed travel consultations.

Many patients have been requesting Drug Identification Numbers, or DINs, to determine if a vaccine is covered by their insurance.  These are now available under the heading Drug Identification Numbers (DINs)

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