General Fees

Uninsured Services

The following list outlines the cost of some of the services we offer that are not paid for by OHIP.  

Travel vaccines and visits – See Travel Medicine Fees

Tuberculosis test – $65 per test if not covered by OHIP

Sick Note – $20

Wart treatment – $26

Attending Physician Statement – $144 plus photocopying fees

Skin tag removal – $26

Driver’s Medical, exam and form – $240

Federal Government Pension Buyback Form – $320

Revenue Canada – Federal Disability Tax Credit Form – $48

Travel Cancellation Insurance Form – $38

Copy of your record – $30 for the first 20 pages, 25¢ per page thereafter

Copy of results – $1/page

Forms -Licensing and insurance forms, back-to-work notes, medical/legal reports, form physicals, employer requested forms, etc – The price depends on the form.

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