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Classically known as physicals, these are no longer a “head-to-toe” exam.  They also do not need to be done yearly in patients who have no chronic medical conditions.
During your Periodic Health Exam, we will review healthy and safe lifestyle choices and make sure that you have had age-appropriate vaccinations and screening tests.
There is a lot to talk about during your Periodic Health Exam, if you have other problems to discuss, please book another appointment to discuss them.


Regular Office Appointments are 10-15 minutes in length.

Complex appointments are 20 minutes in length and are only for periodic health reviews and procedures (such as skin biopsies).


Please bring these up at the beginning of your appointment.  Generally, if you have ran out of your medication, it is time to book an appointment to review how you are doing.


Please note that 24 hours notice is required to cancel an appointment.  This allows us to give the appointment to another patient.

Cancelling an appointment in less than 24 hours generally qualifies as a missed appointment.  If you miss multiple appointments, we will contact you to inform you of the policy regarding ongoing missed appointments.


The fee for a missed travel consultation is $50.


I am part of a team of family physicians that provides after-hours coverage.
I strongly encourage you to make use of our walk-in clinic when you are unable to book an appointment with me.
The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care expects my team to provide you with all of your care and for you to not use other walk-in clinics.
By using our clinic, you will receive better care as your health information will be available to the other physicians who see you and I will have access to your records from our walk-in clinic.
Please note that if you think you need to go to an emergency room for a serious problem you do not have to come to our walk-in clinic first.  You may go straight to the ER

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